Security Tips for your Mobile Device

Try practicing the following tips to keep your mobile device secure and avoid compromising your information:

• Never leave your mobile device security settings at the default level which is generally the lowest and most unsecured settings.
• Avoid the phishing email traps by not opening attachments or clicking on links from unfamiliar sources.
• Create passwords on your mobile devices to prevent others from accessing your information.
• You should only download files from trusted websites to your mobile devices.
• The use of Bluetooth to pair with your mobile devices should be done in an area where there is no one within 100 feet near to avoid attacks or hacking due to eavesdropping and your device being discovered during the pairing process.
• Disable the Discovery Mode of your mobile device once it has been successful paired to a source.
• Beware of attempts to attack your mobile device in public area through request to re-pair with another device.

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