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Managed IT Services In Baltimore, Maryland


Managed IT Services in Baltimore are IT services provided to small businesses or Enterprises by a third-party vendor, usually known as a managed service provider (MSP). It’s the process of outsourcing processes and functions and management of a customer’s IT infrastructure and/ or end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model. You, the business owner, are able to delegate IT operations to an expert organization, like ReCa Technology, LLC., which specializes in handling these responsibilities. Outsourcing these processes and functions can not only improve operations but also cut costs and expenses for your company. MIS is an alternative to the old break/fix or on-demand outsourcing model and bills as the work is done. Managed Services allow businesses like yours to offload IT operations and systems to a managed service provider (MSP) like ReCa Technology.

Outsourcing IT Services: A Brief History

In the last few decades, managed IT services have become synonymous with the outsourcing of specific aspects of IT operations of a business to service providers in order to improve operation and reduce cost. It is a better alternative to the break/fix model where the service providers were called to fix computer and IT infrastructures when they broke down and can no longer be used by employees. That became less important as the early 2000s came along.

The Break/Fix Model From The 1990s

The break and fix model was quite popular in the early 1990s. The idea behind this model involved inviting the services of an in-house IT Technician or an off-site person to rectify issues associated with broken-down computers. Businesses did nothing about computers that functioned slowly because it doesn’t make sense to hire people to regularly service machines when there was little or no work to be done.

There were drawbacks to his model. First, there was no guarantee that the hired IT personnel would be on the ground to fix the broken-down system immediately, and this leads to a loss of revenue for the businesses.

Secondly, companies had to endure hefty bills to fix big problems that occurred unexpectedly. The productivity level was quite low because employees had no option other than to work with systems that are slow.

In addition, human errors were quite prominent. This meant that IT technicians spent more time correcting end-users errors before addressing the major problem they were hired to fix.

By the end of the 1990s, technology began to evolve rapidly, and office spaces used more devices that needed repair and services such as printers, fax machines, and others. It became obvious for big companies that the break and fix model wasn’t the best way of keeping the company’s IT infrastructures running optimally and they opted for managed IT services.

IT Services In The 2000s and beyond

The need for change and to get a better solution that would keep things running smoothly on a predictable budget was what gave rise to the managed IT services in the 2000s. This concept was quite beneficial to all parties involved. First, companies that adopted this model saw their productivity levels increase rapidly, and human errors were optimally reduced.

Managed services also made reporting and handling issues a priority before they become a problem. As the model improved, IT technicians devised new ways of performing regular onsite checks of IT infrastructures to locate potential issues ahead of time; they made use of a detailed checklist to identify and record their findings in order to make a future visit quite productive.

Presently the most common managed IT services include storage, security visualization, connectivity and bandwidth, mobility, network monitoring, disaster recovery, and desktop and communications.

Finally, the benefits of using a managed service provider are quite enormous. Companies that adopt this system will not only function well and compete effectively; they will also increase their productivity level radically.

Benefits of outsourcing IT services in Maryland

Prevent Costly Downtime

This is a big one. Most downtimes are expensive but preventable. ReCa Technology would work with your company to identify and solve IT system and infrastructure issues before it occurs. We will assess the performance and security of your IT network, and then make recommendations to solve any problems found. You would not get that type of proactive protection ……….

IT Employee Headaches Again

Let’s face it. Hiring employees in Maryland and other states can be expensive today! Furthermore, it could take you weeks and months to find good, qualified IT workers; they can be hard to come by. Bad employees are even more costly than I can even mention here. By hiring ReCa Technology and letting us do the work, you will not have to deal with bad employees and the risk they bring to your company. We have a team of experienced professionals that can get your work done beginning on day one.

Reduce Risk

Your company has to deal with security and compliance issues regularly. It’s the new normal.

There will always be risks involved when dealing with IT. But ReCa can help you greatly reduce those risks. We can offer reduced security risks. As you know, Internet Security is a huge risk and increasing problem today. It can be very difficult for an in-house IT employee to keep up with. But, if disaster strikes, rest assured that managed services providers, such as ReCa Technology, will be fully prepared to deal with disaster recovery and restore data and critical apps back online fast enough to meet recovery time.

And much more. Contact us now.

What ReCa Technology Offers

Our approach at ReCa Technology is to deliver innovative IT support solutions that provide value to our customer’s bottom line. We start by meeting with our customers to assess their current IT systems to develop a technology roadmap that provides them with a more efficient and cost-effective IT environment using real-world best practices and industry-proven standards.

ReCa Technology realizes that today’s businesses cannot sustain their growth without the use of technology products and services to support their operation. We provide support solutions that align with the company’s vision, mission, and goals. We help you to identify the best methods to always keep you in the latest technology, within the budget you define for the business. You should be free to focus solely on your business while we improve your technology infrastructure.

ReCa Technology offers Managed IT Services and IT Support Services to businesses in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area. We offer a full range of proven IT support solutions to maximize the business value of our customers. Our IT services portfolio consists of servers, desktops, laptops, and device maintenance solutions. We deliver all of these services to the Baltimore area using best practices proven to increase the customer’s return on their investment in technology and reduce their overall cost. We offer flexible support services that change with your business requirements.

Managed Services We Offer In MD:


INTERNET SECURITY: A comprehensive auto patch, firewall, antivirus, antispam and web-filtering technology solution that detects, removes, and blocks all types of malware with low impact processing.

EMAIL SECURITY: A hosted antispam and email security service that blocks spam and viruses with automation before they ever get to the company’s network.

CLOUD BACKUP: An automation backup solution saving all business data to the cloud. This solution allows us to keep your physical and virtual systems protected with a point-in-time restoration that lets you go back to an earlier time if a disaster occurs.

REMOTE SUPPORT: Off-site IT troubleshooting and support are available anytime to our clients.

REMOTE MONITORING: Routine management through a portal enabling alerts, monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance of laptops, desktops, servers, and other devices.

HELP DESK TICKET SYSTEM: A web-based help desk software that allows us to manage customer support activities, assign, track and set up alerts on help desk tickets. The system also allows our customers to submit service requests via e-mail.

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